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CANADA: THE REAL THING                   24th April 2011


The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup has generated real support and sponsor interest for the Canadian team. There are video clips on CBC, articles in national and local newspapers, player profiles on websites, even growing interest in Berlin.


But as Duane Rollins points out, except for the press in Canada, the Canucks aren’t as fancied as most other teams in the tournament.


Most non-Canadian previews suggest that Canada is “improved,” but none suggest that the Canadians are legitimate contenders. There is an even split between those who see Canada losing in the quarters, versus those that see France advance at their expense.


However, Canada often thrives as the underdog. They have been battling for attention for many years and on many fronts. Their fan base can be young, but it is fervent  and growing if we judge by the letters and e-mails and good wishes. The Canadian team, in their own minds, know what they can do. Now they have to do it. Words are just words until they are put into action.


I look forward to being in Germany for the games. I look forward to the real thing







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