The Horrors of Jet Lag

groupJet lag is awful. All the team has been walking around like zombies for the last few days. And, while this can be fun to watch, it is less fun to share the experience.

My jet lag means that I have been very productive in the early hours of the morning: Yesterday, for example, I managed to organise my 2014 income tax returns, send in my medical claims and update my files, and all before 8:00 am. I have to admit to feeling very grown up and resposible.

The last few days of team life have been taken up with media work for this summer’s World Cup. And, I have to admit that I find this type of work exhausting. Who knew that smiling and looking “chipper” for hours on end, could be utterly draining. Some girls on the team are definitely better at this media stuff than others, but the TV crews have been amazing.They have been as patient as saints as they have tried to organise so many disorganised, and easily distracted, soccer players.

Tomorroy, Wednesday, it is back to the field, and back to work for us, and I can’t wait. All this off-field stuff is enjoyable for an hour or two, but nothing beats getting back to playing the good old soccer game.

Before I get too enthusiastic though I shoulld remember that the first few days are scheduled for fitness testing….not always the most fun. Does anyone else have nightmares about the dude who callls out on the yo yo test recording? (The Suri of fitness tests) I am convinced that I would recognize the guy’s voice if he were ever talking near me. I wonder what I might do to him?!?