Canada Downs Scotland 2-0

2015 v scotland

We played Scotland in Nicosia yesterday in the opening match of the 2015 Cyprus Cup tournament. We won 2-0 and were pleased with our performance. It is always a good feeling to enter a tournament and have it up and running. It is the preparation and waiting which are the nerve wracking parts.

The first goal came early, in the third minute, when a cross from Christine Sinclair found Jessie Fleming as she slid past the Scottish defence to find the back of the net. It was a really pretty goal. The Scottish goalie was in the best position to get the ball, but Jessie beat her to the ball through determination and effort – not bad for a first ever goal for her country. I predict that she will score many more for her country.

“Jessie put everything into scoring that goal and the vision from Sinclair was phenomenal. Not many women can see that pass,” said John Herdman. “What a great start for this 16 year old and we wanted that for her. She’s been working really hard on trying to break the box for us and to get in to those goal scoring positions. So to see her sliding in with every sinew to get a toe on it was fantastic.”

The second goal was scored by Sincy at 54 minutes, and it was a real team goal, goal number 152. Carm put the ball over the backline, when she saw that the Scottish fullback was out of position. Josee made a good run in behind before crossing to Sincy to put away.

We played most of the second period in the Scottish half and we controlled play.Of course, there are always many details of our game to work on, but I was pleased by the team’s performance. We had an opportunity to try a few things in live play, and it is always heartening to have things you see on paper materialise out on the field.

Now we leave our Scottish game behind us and immediately start to prepare for our game against South Korea tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the new challenge.

Canada’s starting XI: Erin McLeod (GK), Rhian Wilkinson, Kadeisha Buchannan, Carmelina Moscato, and Allysha Chapman at back; at midfield were Desiree Scott, Sophie Schmidt, and Jessie Fleming; then Josée Bélanger, Melissa Tancredi and Christine Sinclair played up front.

In the second half, Emily Zurrer came in for Carmelina Moscato (60’). Jessie Fleming was replaced with Ashley Lawrence, Melissa Tancredi with Jonelle Filigno and Josée Bélanger with Adriana Leon (70’). The final substitution was late in the match when Christina Julien replaced Christine Sinclair (84’).

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